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Suspension settings for GSX-R 600 K5


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Faster riding, aging suspension, Bridgestone 021s and my wieght (17st starkers) means that my GSX-R 600 K5 is starting to feel like a bit of a barge! I know the suspension needs a rebuild (not been touched in 20,000 miles), but I can't take it off the road until the deepest darkest depths of winter so need to get tweaking in order to improve what I've got.

I'm after some advice on a good road setting and a good track setting too (first trackdays at Brands & Snetterton planned for later this month) so any advice welcomed!

To be honest, my first port of call was going to be the PB setup guide from circa 2006 (road / track suspensions for just about every current PB bike), but I can't find the mag and whilst the guide was available on the website for ages it seems to have now gone!


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