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41mm Clip-ons.


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Have a bit of a project on the go. Have put a VFR750 front end onto a CBR600 steelie frame.

I have the clip-ons from both bikes. The CBR ones are too small, and the VFR ones are not really what I'm looking for for the bike. Want something a bit lower and sportier.

So what are my other choices?

The forks are 41mm, and although I could go bigger and get some sleeves made, I don't really want to, as it's another component to potentially come loose.

There must be loads of other bikes that fit the bill. The plan is to make a list of suitable candidates, then grubbily snout about on ebay to find a pair going for a song.

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I can do you some steel SES race ones for pennies (not quite true but ferkin cheap).

You have a pm.

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