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Help my Nipples are leaking :-)


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Hi all!

Yes, i was on about my Caliper Nipples ;)

I thought I pick up a spanner and change my brake lines on the R6, everything went well and smooth, suspiciously too well.

After taking her out for a test run I noticed I had some brake fluid seeping out from the bleeding nipples, it looks like it coming from the threaded area, there’s not much but enough to keep you awake at night.

I will try and upload some pics of the leak later

I have not over tightened the bleed nipples and I know they are torque up properly.

Surfing the net frantically for solutions I have a number of choices:-

1.Use PFE tape (plumbers tape) around the threads

2.Use Thread lock

3.Re-bore caliper to accommodate a new diameter of nipple (not the road I wish to take) :rolleyes:

Has anyone had this problem and how did they overcome it?

I have read that it may only happen for the 1st few days as the fluid is trapped in the hole of the nipple and runs back down.

There is one thing, this happens on the front right caliper and the rear caliper which does not have those rubber dust caps which go over the nipple, but I wouldn’t think this would make a difference, would it?

Thanks for listening!

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Take the nipple out, make sure you don't touch the brake lever, then clean it up, making sure that the pointy end bit is as clean as can be. Squirt some brake cleaner into the hole in the caliper too. Then, pop a little bit of PTFE tape around the nipple, going the opposite direction to the thread so it doesn't scrunch up when you tighten it. Job sorted. The rubber cover bits shouldn't be holding any fluid back, your leak's most likely down to a bit of dirt where the nipple seats against the caliper.

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OK i try it today and see how it goes!


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Popped down the local hardware store this morning and picked up some PFE tape.

I attached the bleeding pipe to the right caliper nipple and unscrewed the nipple slowly, due to the some pressure in the caliper the fluid got pumped out.

After the fluid stopped leaking out i removed the nipple completely, i gave the nipple and the caliper hole a good clean, wrapped the nipple with PFE tape and screwed it back in.

I did the same with the left caliper except this time no brake fluid came out (maybe coz i already released the pressure on the right caliper).

After assembling everything back i gave the brake lever a squeeze and it felt spongy so i had no choice but to bleed the brakes again (Yup, i had to unscrew the nipples and risk breaking that PFE seal :unsure: ).

After a few bubbles and squeeze's later i tightened the nipple back up and looked up to the heavens for some mercy :D

I carried on bleeding the left caliper and then moved onto the rear caliper.

After completing everything i didn't see no leaks, but i was still missing something it's those nipple dust covers, so i had brain storm in the house and i came across the missus's shoe rack, on the bottom of the shoe rack are the rubber caps which act as feet. So without a doubt i whipped them off and they fit perfectly :bdaysmile:

I took her out for a ride and so far no leaks can be seen ;)

Thanks Lorenzo for your input :beerchug:

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