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Firstly, Mods, maybe all these recent tyre threads could have their own folder or something, might be useful if they were all grouped together.


Avon Viper Xtremes track tyres. They are cheap, like 145 a pair off the bay. Anyone use them? Are they 65 quid worse than other premium tyres, such as supercorsa etc?

comments gratefully received


edit to add - this weeks MCN someone was claiming a local main dealer wanted 75 quid PER WHEEL to change some self supplied tyres. What does everyone generally pay? I/the bro do the mono ones on a homemade changer, so nothing, but i let someone else do the R1 last time.

If 70 odd quid (which i can't believe) is normal, i'm buying a proper tyre machine and i'll do em for 30 quid a set on a saturday morning in my garage...

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Brad has raved about the Vipers, think GP may have used them too.

As for £70 a wheel fack off!! £5-£10 per wheel is normal/acceptable.

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I've never paid more than £15 a wheel, so long as I've taken my own wheels off before hand. More often than not it's a tenner.

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Chris of this very parish raves about the vipers, and doing sub 1:50's around Donington on them seems to back this up :xmas:

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Chris of this very parish raves about the vipers, and doing sub 1:50's around Donington on them seems to back this up :)

Current pair of tyres on the slingshot are the Viper Extremes. Got mine for £100 the pair :thumbsup:

I can't rate them highly enough, having used supercorsas, racetecs etc in the past I honestly haven't been able to find a difference (albeit on a 90ish bhp 20 year old 750)

Warm up time on them is quicker than the Racetec/Supercorsa in my experience.

I've never tried a set of Avons before, and people were quick to slate them. All I say is try them, I've got on with them really well and would recommend them to everyone.

My mate has an 07 R1 and bought a few sets, he came from using Pirelli Corsa III's

He was going to sell the bike as he said he wasn't getting on with it

Since fitting the Avon Extremes he's really got his mojo back and the difference between his riding on the Corsa III's (that I also hated) and the Avon extremes is night and day ;)

They won't stay cheap for long, once people realise what a fantastic tyre they are, they'll jack up the prices

mileage from them was poor, and from what I gathered they are extremely soft. it doesn't take much hard riding to snot up the front tyre which I took more effort to do on the supercorsas/racetecs

They even make you look like a riding god too


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I guess it depends on your speed, but this takes a lot of personal honesty. :thumbsup:

I've raced on Racetecs K0front/ K1rear , Supercorsa Pro's SC1&2, Diablo Supercorsa'sSC1&2 , Bridgestone BT003's and Viper Extremes and there are noable differences.

Personally I wouldn't race on VX's again, the front is mega and braver than me, but I did have edge grip issues with the rear, maybe not to race on but trackday fast group without a problem. 32f/30r when hot

FWR tyres do a racetec pair, K0 and K1 rear, ok in hot weather, but if you've any time in the holding area or no warmers, the front turns into formica in no time at all, not good for the first couple of laps. 32f/32r hot

SCPro's in a 1&2 pair, expensive but faultless, as some saw at Anglesey,

DSC's are as above but turn a little sweeter but a lot more expensive again. 30-31f/ 29-30r hot

BT003's are ace, about 230 a set and I've killed a rear in a day (soft front med rear) they are soft and when the rear starts to go off you can spin and smoke the rear. 34f/31r hot. note these are very sensitive to incorrect temperatures.

So there you go, cheaper vipers are good for a track day, but if you want to out lean Casey Stoner, whilst hanging off like Pedrosa and be as 'brutal-brave-clumsy' on the throttle as Lorenzo, maybe a more expensive race tyre is what you need. But Avons are made as a track day tyre and as such may well be better for the majority.

hope this helps

Mark Note pressures are my choices, not gospel and no liability etc blah blah .......

edited due to disclaimer

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