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CBR600F/FS probs!!!!


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Can anyone help? I recently brought a CBR600FS '01 track bike and after a few happy track days the engine decided to snap leaving me with two halves of a crank shaft! D'oh.

I'd been looking for engines for a while and as i couldn't find an FS i was advised an F engine would only loose out a bit on revs and top end so i thought, 'why not' and get it working until i could find an FS block. Bit shit to downgrade a bike i know!!! :bdaysmile:

The engine's (believed to be '04) in fine but after trying to start it, it's idling at about 800rpm and seems to die if i open the throttle quickly, which i'm guessing is too much of something (fuel/air?).

Its got the FS injector injector bank and ECU still on the bike which i'm guessing might be the source of the probs but thought i'd ask the question as i dont want to fork out on both from an F.

The bikes also got a power commander and full Akro system. I've tried different maps in the power commander, including a blank map for no influence but still nothing.

Haha, i know many of you will say get an FS block and have done with it, which is very much in the process of happening, but for now any advice would be appreciated, just so i can get back on track!!!


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As far as I remember the FS had a different head, cams, injectors, ecu etc. There will probably be a mismatch between the two cam sensors for the ecu to pick up on.

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