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HID kits for TRX850

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Don't know about the HID but the headlight on the trx is crap. I ran a 95W rally bulb in mine, which amazingly didn't set the wiring on fire!

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Hi all!

Yeah i've always wanted that cool look too, HID's do look the biz but i've used HID's in the past and I have had bad experiences with them.

I had an issue with bulb blowing every 6months.

At first when I was buying a set (H4) I didn’t know whether I should go for the cheaper ones (just has a LO beam) or for the more expensive one (has Hi/Lo beam), the Hi/Lo beam is basically using a deflector to deflect the light upwards, this operated by a magnetic switch connected to main beam switch.

Anyway I went for the Hi/LO option and I chose 6k, which is basically white light.

I didn't find them that bright (I mean from a drivers point of view) if you were coming the opposite way, yeah they were bright and prob dazzled whoever was coming the opposite way.

What I was told after buying my HID's, HID's must have a reflector made for HID's. Halogen deflectors don't disperse the light in the same was as HID's do.At the end of the day they gave me so much grief I took them out and stuck in Philip Diamond vision, they gave me excellent light quality and they looked fantastic with that hint of blue.

Just a few pointers if you decide to go down that road:-

1. Make sure you can get replacement bulbs easily (HID bulbs are not a common fit, depending on which type of socket type your kit is, you must purchase that specific bulb to fit that socket)

2. Check the price of spare bulbs.

3. The most important thing of the HID unit is the ballast (similar to a transformer it converts your 12volts to i dunno how many zillion volts to run your bulbs) make sure the build quailty is solid (fully sealed)

You can install them yourself as long as you know what a relay is and what it does.

Hope this helps

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