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Recommended CNC milling / machining in Essex/Suffolk


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Afternoon all :shock: ,

Can anyone recommend some decent engineer shops who could mill and machine the sprocket side hub of a cbr steelie 5 spoke wheel ???

Prefer in mid/north Essex or suffolk.

Have found a few but not used any before, so looking for someone who will do a good job and not rip me off.

Thanks in advance.....................................

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what exactly do you need doing?

Hi, I need to have the sprocket side hub of the wheel machined down by about 10mm (still to do exact measuring), so i can move the sprocket carrier in 10mm (or so) - this means if possible, the bearing on that side of the hub also needs to go further in 10mm - not yet sure if thats possible - need to do some more investigating. This will allow me to centre up the wheel in the swingarm, as its about 10mm off at the moment and the whole hub is too wide to move the wheel any further accross (to the sprocket side).

Its Hopefully going into the back of my Ducati (same 5" rim size but 17" wheel instead of 16" :shock:)

This is the only way ive though of at the moment - looked for narrower sprocket cariers, but no joy.

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