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750 srad fork springs


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I've been messing on with the srad re-springing the forks with some ktech springs

pulling them apart i found the springs fitted are around 265mm and the ktechs being 250. 

So having a look at ktech website, every gsxr 750 from 96 to 03 use a 250mm spring apart from the 99 what has a 265 going off ktech website (my srads a 98)

Cross referencing part numbers 96-99 srad all seem to run the same preload spacer and the 98 and 99 seem to have the same part number for the damper. I've also checked my service manual and it states a spring length service limit of 250mm across all 750s

Anyone came across this before or know the reason for the 15mm longer springs in the 99? 

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Dunno why it is but I had the same in mine a few years back and just made some longer spacers when I replaced the springs.

For your information, the bright steel extension tubes from a Henry hoover are bang on the right thickness and diameter, so absolutely ideal for the task. You may wish to replace it a bit quicker than I did, however and certainly before your opportunism gets discovered by an annoyed other half.


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What's throwing me off is the service limit according to the service manual for all years 96-99 is 250mm. I couldn't find a standard spring length though.

No way I'd get away with lobbing abit off the hoover. The coffee jar gets noticed when it's 20mm away from where it's ment to be

I was planning to knock up a longer preload spacer but I dropped ktech a email to see what the crack is about the Spring lengths and to be fair to them, I think they're happy to sort me out with some 265s.

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