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Fork seals


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As only one of the seals has gone on my bike, and I am going to be replacing them with some USD forks once I have made some yokes, I have bought a replacement for the side that is leaking for £35 instead of doing the seals.

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21 hours ago, bignige said:

I'd say about £150ish

That's roughly what I paid a few weeks back to get the ones on my USD forks changed. 

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The fork leg I got to replace the one with a leaking seal turned out to be for a 2001 K1, not a 2000 srad so I removed the forks and had the seals replaced. £120 all in.

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Using KTech, and Brookes barn for the bushes that Ktech didn`t have in stock at the time, Fork seals, dust seals, bushes and oil for a 2007 Hornet 600 comes to around £100 in parts.

A lot less if you use cheap seals, which I won`t.

Takes me about two hours of pottering about, tea drinking and sniffing lots of brake cleaner to fit that lot to loose fork legs.

Longer if I strip and clean shim stacks.

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