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Ducati Monster S4R Testastretta Engine Case Welding Advice


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Hello PB

I bought a 2007 Ducati Monster S4R Testastretta after it had been badly crashed, and repaired it to use as a road legal trackbike. After a couple months I was replacing the worn out stock clutch with the STM slipper from my old 996, and discovered a crack in the R/H engine case at the mounting point between the "V" of the cylinders. There's plenty of extra metal around this area in the case, so luckily it doesn't cause any oil leakage and the metal is nice and clean. I'll be pulling the motor out of the bike (more like pulling the bike off the motor) to try and get it welded.

I'm looking for any insight on the metal used in the castings on this engine that I can pass along to a tame welder, what TIG filler rod to use would be particularly helpful. I had an oil cooler mounting tab welded back on when I first got it put back together and it's not pretty, although the result is serviceable. I think they're basically a late model 999 engine with shorter transmission ratios.

Knowledgeable replies greatly appreciated, unhelpful but comical suggestions will also be entertained. Thanks in advance!

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At a guess A357, A358 or A318, it will be Aluminium Silicon.

Tame welder will know this.

It will be OK.

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