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Pads conundrum


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So basically I'm changing the pads on the zx6 (2015 abs)...... went with ebc hh pads and absolutely every single thing I've found says that fa296hh is the pad for the bike.....

So old nissin original pads out and in go the ebc pads. Job jobbed, perfect fit. 

Or is it.

A look at the disc reveals the edge of the braking surface protruding over the machined braking surface of the disc. So I strip it all down again and discover this....


While the shape of the overall pad carrier is a perfect match, the braking material shape is very different, it extends much further below the point the oem pad does and thus, slightly over the machined braking surface area of the disc to the edge.....

I've dremelled a chamfered edge on the bottom edge of the pad braking surface and it seems to be a bit better now,



Im wondering if anyone has come across this before? Every single thing I can find says these are the pads for the bike I don't think it's a listing problem but it's hardly what's accepted as right by ebc for these discs and this bike? Would any of you have run them with the pad rubbing the non machined steel? 

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I’m no expert but that doesn’t look right to me. Have you owned the bike from new? Previous owner swapped the callipers or discs?

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The ebc material looks to be sat a little lower on the top edge, unless it's the angles on the photos..  Are the oe pads the full disc depth and have worn the disc accordingly, so no ridges on the disc top or bottom? ,  if so send the ebc pads back.. Then buy some better sbs pads next time and never bother with ebc again, like a few of us on here.. Not having a go,BTW, but I find ebc hh a good way down the order even in hh, nevermind the higher level options.. 

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