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60mm Akro slip on


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I've seen a second hand one for sale at a fair price ( they seem to be rare as rocking horse shit or mega expensive )

It is 60mm.

I'll need to source a link pipe I am guessing....

Are link pipes readily available to fit it to my zx10r 05?

I've searched Google but didn't come up with anything that seemed to be for the 04-05 model.


Any advice welcome.

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Don't know if it's still showing much recently, but carpimoto in Italy used to have a LOT of aky schematics of the systems etc, so if you can find the correct pt number for the link pipe, you can try Google searching incase there is something out there still 👍

Have you thought about fitting later gen headers on that model,, not sure but thought I heard the later stuff was a bit better and lighter,, which would alter the search again however.. 

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I went and had a look on their site, following yiur post, but alas only newer models. 


As for changing the headers. I'll probably keep it as safe any snapped header bolt ball ache 😁

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I hear you on the header bolts.. 

I just checked the akra archives, they have all the parts on their anyway so just check that lot 👍

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