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Nuts and bolts ?

Mr Tea

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One thing that rattles me is not having enough nuts and bolts, so I then up with either different heads or wrong lengths .

Anyone on here recommend any online sites that I can stock up on the usuals ?


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13 minutes ago, Mark/Foggy said:

PM me for every hole in that motorcycle an i will instantly tell you.


Ok. An ow01.


but you know what I mean . When your are kinda at the finishing stages of putting a bike together and you want the bolts to be the same when possible.

ive got a rake of bolts in pots but they are all slightly different. 

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Bolt it together.. Even I don't know how the period Suzuka type race Titanium fasteners would look.

I think that that all of the Yoke and clip-ons would be taper head hex.

The later Olive or silver Steel coloured M6 with an M8 hex drive are a clue across the engine. They have a specific dome to the head so Ti sometimes does not look right. 

Reality is that the OEM steel from later bikes are really light.


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