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Ducati Fork Preload - 10mm ? Turns


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I'm used to playing with my KTM where suspension preload is set in number of turns, you have a hex head on the top of the forks - which make sense

However I have just bought a Ducati multistrada with the same hex head on top of the forks, yet the preload setting is given as 10mm. As the hex doesn't move up / down, how can I set it in mm rather than turns ?

Presumably 1 turn equals something in mm but where is that information ?


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why not back it off entirely, go for a spin on the bike, adjust by increments riding the same bit of road with the same bumps & bends and experiment till it feels right for you?

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Whilst I agree that are no perfect settings for everyone, I like to try full soft, full hard and factory standard to give me an idea.


I also like to try to understand things so I know for next time.  I can't understand why Googling no one has seemed to ask this question so I presume I'm missing something obvious

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On 4/2/2021 at 5:23 PM, nampus said:

Are you 100% sure the hex doesn't move up or down? 

Don't know which model multi you have, but could this be relevant? 

Post #9 in this thread:



Thanks - a post in there confirms what I was told on FB "one turn = 1mm of preload" 

Why didn't they just write that in the manual or just say "turns" like everyone else

Bloody Italians 



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