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replacing fork bottoms


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Damn fool idea:  for my next project I plan on using a set of Triumph street triple forks -- USD, but with odd 80mm centers for brake calipers.  The end result will be a light bike so I only plan on running with one rotor.  It's not competing in motogp, so I'll be happy with the stock unadjustable forks set up with proper springs for my weight.   I'm set to use them as I already have them and so they are cheap (as in free).So... how to get a decent caliper...

1.  Buy a pretech or beringer or discacciti (sic) caliper with 80mm spacing.  THey are designed to fit on street twins and bonnevilles (with 80mm spacing), so there is no guarantee it will work on my application -- a $450 risk.

2.  Make a caliper adapter -- done it before, know millwrights who know how to do it right, but looks kinda clunky.  Will find a decent axial caliper (65mm brembo) to use.

3.  Swap out a Daytona lower fork bottom for the str one.  It'll leave me with caliper bosses for a decent single radial caliper.  I'd plug off the lower adjusters or take the piss and monkey with them for fun.  

4.  Find a single left or right Daytona fork leg -- either use the inner tube in the str outer, or use the whole fork and have one side adjustable.

I've got experience with str, and daytona forks -- the wheel fits, the axle and spacers are identical, etc.

I'm leaning towards #3 just because it will be more difficult, but obviously I need to find a shop who will properly do the work without screwing up the grub screw holding it all together...


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