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Advice on Suspension Linkage (Dogbone?) for an idiot please............


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Be gentle with me as I'm a relative newcomer to bike mechanics (ok, I can take them apart quite well but this time it has to go back together).

Today I finally got around to replacing the rear shock in my Daytona 675. This is the standard damper which came out, and what I assume to be a standard suspension linkage;


I thought while it was out I would clean things, check the bearings and re-grease.

I have a nice Nitron shock to go in there instead;


Then I remembered that in the box of bits which came with the bike originally, I have this alternative linkage (which is quite a bit shorter) than what I believe to be the standard (black) one.


So, which one should I be using? Given that I use the bike on the road and am frankly a bit slow. 

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16 minutes ago, nampus said:

A quick search resulted in this:


The black one looks like a trs linear linkage. The short one is the standard one. 


Interesting, thank-you so much for that.

I was totally the wrong way round in my thinking then, I already had an aftermarket linkage on the bike. Seems to be a bit of confusion as to the correct orientation of the TRS one, but I shall have to research that further. Good job I asked.

When I got the bike originally it had a Maxton NR4 shock on it, along with a few other modified bits, so it's not a complete surprise that someone has been playing previously.

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All back together now, thanks.

I've not had a test ride yet with the Nitron as I have the braking system in bits. See separate thread.



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