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70's Moped Electrics


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Hi all. I'm hoping someone might be able to assist in my search for a spark..... (not some kind of online dating)

I recently picked up a 1978 Italjet Pack-a-way courtesy of DanSp1 on the forum which is such a great little thing. Its a non runner currently and although the bike ('bike' might be generous) came with a brand new set of barrels, piston, head (big bore of course!) and modern electronic ignition my plan is to get it running on all the standard kit first if possible so after the rebuild with if its not working I know its something I've done rather than an underlying issue elsewhere.

The only other two stroke I've owned was my DT50 I had twenty years ago as 16 year old. I know my way around a bike and can happily get the engine out of my R6 and back in again but electrics have always been a mystery to me and I havent been able to track down a wiring diagram or manual for the packaway yet. 

I thought i'd start with trying to get a spark. Once I've got a spark i'll clean the carbs etc etc and think about getting it running.

The wiring and connections throughout seem mostly ok, looks like someone has rewired it in the last 15 years or so i'd guess as the wiring is still fairly supple and not gone hard. Its a simple system (obviously) with just one set of aftermarket switchgear on the handle bar that I'm assuming is;

Lights on / low / high beam (toggle swtich)

Horn (top plastic button)

Engine stop (side metallic button, which just appears to earth out the ignition system - I guess that would stop it)

There's no key or sign of an ignition on / off.

I took the switch apart, cleaned the connectors and rewired it. I put in a new spark plug as specified in the engine manual and checked for a spark kicking it over - none.

The generator looks ok from what i can see without removing the outter cover. There's some spade connectors between that and the ignition coil so i disconected them and attached a multimeter;

Resistance accross the generator is about 0.3 Ohms which i understand is right.

Finally we get to the actual question (underlined for those that cant be bothered to read all of the above) - I set the multi on AC voltage and kicking it over I get a peak of about 1.5v from the generator. I know it's a 6v system but would you expect the full 6v kicking it over or does 1.5v sound about right?

If the generator sounds good I'll skip to the coil and just replace it with the new electronic ignition but would like to isolate my lack of spark to that unit before trying to repalce it.

Many thanks in advnace for any advice.






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This is a bit of a long shot on a bike but I'll venture that those tyres have "Turf Saver" embossed on to the sidewalls somewhere.

The manufacturer could be Duro or it could be Carlisle.

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1.5v is definitely too low from the generator/stator. Should at least be in the 20's for a 6v system I'd have thought. 


edit, not as high as that, I take it it has no regulator or anything so you're right, at least 6v would be what you want. 

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Check the rear light bulb, lots of the Italian mopeds ran the ignition through the rear light!

yes really 

the switch is original and very rare, be careful with it!   https://www.ebay.com/itm/CEV-8052-1-HANDLEBAR-SWITCH-LAVERDA-SFC-RUPP-BENELLI-MINI-NEW-OLD-STOCK/233805994520?epid=1642070875&hash=item366fec5a18:g:yCsAAOSwuMFUgPu3

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On 12/20/2020 at 9:23 PM, dansp1 said:

Check the rear light bulb, lots of the Italian mopeds ran the ignition through the rear light!


I'm working on a non-running Piaggio Ape 50 with butchered 6V electrics. 

Correctly wired, the LV ignition coil is earthed through the (normally closed) brake light switch and then, if you press the brake, through the bulb!


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