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Lock Wire Drilling Jig (Metric) - Recommend me one please


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I'm wanting a drilling jig to drill nuts/bolts for safety wiring.

Anyone got any experience/recommendations please?

I looked at this one on Ebay (I'm a sucker for anything anodised), but that's only for Allen head bolts, and I'd really like something to do Hex heads (or hex and Allen would be even better).

Motorsport Safety Lock Wire Bolt Drilling Jig | eBay


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I've got one of these -> (somewhere :eusa_think:)


Bought from the local engineering place; but in all honesty I hardly use / used it. The trouble's not the jig, but getting decent quality drill bits (for small sizes, I tend to spend a bit more, in the hope of something decent, that'll not snap on first use).


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4 minutes ago, Superdunc said:

Thanks. I did see that one and it seemed to be good for my needs. Out of stock as far as I can see though.

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4 minutes ago, dannn said:

He makes some lovely stuff...very well priced as well!

@Stephenrc45 take a look as he makes lots of cossie parts

He does make some really nice kit - I've had a few Cosworths so I was aware of Marc.

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