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gsx 1400 starting woes

stoney caser

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hi there folks,just a shout out for some advice if anyone can help?

The bike really doesn't like to start on cold mornings,sometimes a not catch,sometimes a click,whirr and the clock resets itself to 12.00,and sometimes,perhaps the third or even fourth press,it'll start straight away as if it was already spinning.I'm no mechanic,but,five or 6 tears back the sprag clutch died during similar circumstances.Would i be looking at a bigger battery(,it always reads charged when i check it),a beter battery or is it time to book it in at the shop.It gets used almost everydaythough recently just to work and back.It has a dyno jet kit on it,but that has been there(c/o Crush Ginster) since we bought the bike 14 years ago.

Thanks for any pointers




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32 minutes ago, stoney caser said:

Hi it's me again,sorry the bike is a 2002 GSX 1400


How old is your battery? Chances are it’s fucked. 

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On 11/28/2020 at 5:18 PM, Gobert said:

 have you tried jumping starting it to see if it's just the battery rather than something else?

This is a great way of seeing if your limp battery is the cause. Do your issues resolve themselves with a jump start?

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