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Ok CBR600F experts.....


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Identifying front forks....

I have a set of what i thought were CBR600F2 forks - they deffo have F2 bottoms, BUT, they also have damping and preload adjustment, which I thought only came with the F3.

what Im trying to do is swap the bottoms for the F3 Items I have so my brake calipers fit.

they are in good nick, and the oil in them is very clean - so not original, and Im wondering if someone has altready swapped the F2 internals for F3 stuff cos its better!

Any suggestions on correctly identifying what I have??


plus, more concerningly...... previous owner syndrome has hit the bolt in the bottom of the leg, its completely chewed up and I cant get an allen-key to grip - any suggestions on how to remove this bolt?




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What you probably have is late f2 forks which had what you described.

Although the tops look similar the internals are different, the f3's have a long damper rod where as the late f2's have a very short one.

Not sure if you can put the f3 bottoms onto your forks 

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5 hours ago, martzxr said:

If you are keeping the f2 wheel just check the calipers sit in the right position on the disc as I think the f3 had bigger disc's

yup - thats the reason Im swapping!

im using an early Fireblade front wheel with the same discs as the 600F3, so I needed forks to match - last year F3 forks were plentiful on Ebay, now they are a bit scarcer, still looking for a good set from 'muricca - I can get them delivered to work in Alabama and sent on from there (or carried by someone in their luggage!) the US ones generally are in better condition due to the better weather.


one thing I hadnt expected is the mudguard mounts are in a different place on the f3 lowers! - they are further down the leg, which is actually a bonus as it makes my mudguard mounts smaller and less obtrusive :)

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