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Aftermarket Oil Coolers


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Anyone had any experience of fitting one of these? The OEM ones cracked and pissing oil out on the GSXR and after some online digging I've found some AN8 Offtakes and an AN8 cooler thats a similar size to the original and has the same 200ml capacity. I don't want to delete or bypass my Oil Cooler but wondered if any of the PB massive had used an aftermarket one before, and if they have, was there any pitfalls?

Should save me £200  going down this route rather than getting a replacement.

Any info appreciated. Cheers


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You have to think a bit to get proper rubber isolation, so may need some relatively minor fabrication. Think proper grommets and top hats, but these should be in the existing cooler and give you a steer as to what is required.

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