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Making a headlamp bracket which clamps around fork legs


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Might be a bit of a long one, I've got no DIY skills at all. If I can figure out what I need then I can try to find someone to fabricate it... 

I've got a single, large round headlight on my RnineT, I want to change it to twin, asymmetrical headlights. The sort that Alchemy parts sell.

I've only seen it done once before (although plenty of people have fitted twin, equal sized, lamps but the photos aren't good enough to figure out how it's been done. The most the builder will say is that the lamps are bottom-mounted. It seems that the lamps are fixed to a flat bar which spans the forks. 

The puzzle is how to fit the bar to the forks. I know I'll need two brackets on the bar to fit the lamps to. I don't want it to look bodged but getting a professional look on something is not simple... 

Another option, but maybe more complex, is to use the existing lamp mount to attach some sort of T piece to but that looks really difficult. 

The wiring isn't an issue, I've got that covered. I don't know any bike builders who could make it for me though (there is one close by but he's too busy/stupidly expensive). I suppose what I want is to be able to give clear, comprehensive instructions to someone who can weld etc so there's no guesswork on their part. I don't have a big budget for this, I also want to do as much as I can myself. 

Am I asking too much? I've added 2 images, what I've got and what I'd like. Thanks for listening gents! 



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4 hours ago, Evilchicken0 said:

Ask the lamp manufacturer ?

They just sell them singly, with either a fixing underneath or bolt holes on the sides. Some are sold as pairs. But no one sells them as an asymmetric pair :eusa_think:

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3 hours ago, Pat said:

Simplest & cheapest way would probably be to use a couple of steering damper fork brackets & bolt a bar across them to attach the lights to. Something like this:




That's a possibility, would avoid any flex so there's no headlamp bounce

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9 minutes ago, Evilchicken0 said:

I think I can make that work without any welding. Cut ally plate to make a bar, bolt to the LSL brackets (with the arms removed), and drill the bar to take the lamps. Thank you Mr Chicken! 

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