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Hard Anodising


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I have a pair of billet yokes I want hard anodising, recommendations please for a company that does a good job and is easy to deal with. Can the steering stem be left in, it's aluminium too, or should it be pressed out first?

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Are you sure you want hard ano rather than normal colour anodising?  Either way you will have to remove the stem.  Any blemishes on the surfaces will be amplified after anodising.  Colour anodising will not change any dimensions.  Hard anodising will add 0.02mm to each face so threads will become tight if you don't ask them to plug the holes and the lower bearing will be too tight on the stem.


£75 min charge plus vat plus post is normal these days but some will take cash.

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7 hours ago, MonkeyJim said:

Might be of help

I don't know how 'hard' the anodising is to the piece Acorn Plating did for me, but it looks lovely!

I read a thread a while back about anodising, but I can't remember the details, my usual place changed hands a few years back and the last batch I had done was poor. I'll try Acorn I reckon, your item looks a good finish.

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One of my clients manufactures hard anodised bakeware in the UK.... I might have a word and request some 'quality tests' that won't at all be motorcycle parts 😉

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