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Are ducati studs soft... Fnar fnar


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Got a call earlier from bro in law, his 695 monster started making a noise on way to work, so being a nob, he just rode to work or rather the Torpoint ferry then spotted the smoke/steam. Its got a front ex stud that from sounds of it has sheared, so,, is this something common on Italian 'thoroughbreds' used in normal UK conditions?  Its his only mode of transport and until he gets it back over the tamar, i won't have an idea if I can salvage the stud and get it and the otherone still with nut attached, of with the usual( heat, spray, heat, repeat repeat etc) 

I had to do a few on my 9r when I took the o.e headers off last year, to fit the new aky's, which took more than welded nuts etc to give up,, so REALLY hoping it's gona shift with just a couple of nuts, as it was a lot of work drilling mine outnice and straight.. He is useless so it won't be him doing the slow drilling,, if needed. 🙏


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Thanks for that, now you say it, makes perfect sense tbh. I did tell him to acf50 the bike when he first got it, but did he listen, did he feck. Its not exactly built to a high spec to start with,,,, 

I warned him after he got it and I gave it a look over that using it in all weather's daily will likely be a ballache...  That was less than 3 months ago and we ain't hit winter yet,,,,,,, 

The vara 125 he had was a similar thing with the starter, which is placed low at the front with a shit cover. My brothers rotted out eventually which was when he took note and said,, 'oh its been playing up a while so I just bumped it now and then'. Sadly I get all calls when shit hits the fan.... 

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1 hour ago, sev said:

I've got it with the 749.  I went to fit a full system to it that I picked up and took one look at the nuts and though... nah, they'll cause me a world of hurt if I touch them as they haven't moved since the day they went on at the factory.  Two were nicely rounded as well and judging by the corrosion on them must have been done very early on in its infancy.

It's going to get it's valves done soon and one of the instructions, knowing the heads ahve to come off is to renew them bolts and studs, as I think that if they do come out, they'll come out as one happy entity.

You have to remember that epecially on something like a monster all that shite launched up from the front wheel will be baked hard on there straight away.

Yeah, tbh as soon as you said it, it dawned on me. Never owned a Duke, so it's not something I have had to do over the years. Took a fookin long while drilling the 9r studs,, that was after some serious heat applied and  fairly hard whacks with a lump hammer.. Before my ownership, the only previous owner had used it a lot daily, then it was left 10 yrs, before being used again, so you can imagine how bad that was. 

I didn't find my old cbr6 fx too bad, once it had some nuts welded on,they gave up, but my kwak heavy industry was as bad as their ships... 

Will tell him to get or make a long fender extender, as he ain't all poncy about ducati's, it's his first big bike and basically for commuting as he doesn't seem interested in proper riding.. He didn't heed my warnings,, so you got anymore gold nuggets he should be doing before winter, to stop it breaking down again, lol.. 

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