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Am I tripping?


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I'm no sparky. Lets get that straight right away. 

I've been using the massive convertor / tranformer and associated drills with big yellow plugs, in the house and workshop. It was given to me by my mrs's dad. 

1. Why do I need it?

2. Had no issues apart from a few sockets which when used, trip the fuse box.... eh.... It worked the other day ??

3. Any suggestions on good portable drill makes ? 

4. Help !! 





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Forget mains powered unless you need real heavy duty, li ion all the way.

Makita or DeWalt for portable stuff. Buy the trade quality kit rather than the b&q diy rubbish.

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First of all, chuck that historic load of shite away* as it's got ancient power connectors on it that bear little relevance to the late 20th century, let alone the 21st.

Then, decide what you want from a drill or any other tools. If it's just casual DIY shizzle, buy cheap and throw away when fucked and replace with more cheap. If you like decent gear, buy Makita and nothing else - it will last you for the rest of your life and doesn't carry a fashion price premium like some brands do.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with 110v stuff as a rule and if you are working it hard and/or for a long time, there is still nothing better in terms of power and reliability. The best battery gear is certainly getting better but it's still only 75% of proper mains-powered stuff at best and a shitload more expensive.

It's a bit like how leccy cars and bikes are still not yet the match of petrol and diesel cars. They're perfectly acceptable in some circumstances but they're still a good way off the real thing.



* - I'd actually keep it and put proper connectors on it but that's another story.

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