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Zx10r tank and fairing mount help


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A mate of mine has just bought a 2 year old zx10r. He was un bolting a a tank mount and found the bolt just spun. Wish he'd rang me at this point but he just ended up cutting the bolt with a hacksaw.  He's now left with the remainder of the bolt spinning around behind a plate that looks to be riveted to the tank. 

Anyone have experiance with these? I've said I'll give him a hand. I've asked him to drain it and take the pump and look inside to see if the rivets penetrate the tank. Hoping they back into a void instead. Rough plan would be to drill the rivets out, rivnut in the centre and re-rivet it back on. Anyone know anything about them or this obscure part of them? 



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If it's the same as my Gen 4 ZX10-R ( I'm sure it is) then the thread depth us very shallow, 5mm or so from memory. I'd be looking to drill or spark out the remainder of the bolt, then making a repair to the side plate externally rather than the route you are considering. The plate isn't visible once the airbox cover is fitted, so your repair doesn't have to be cosmetically perfect.

The other option is to find a spare tank. @dsracing know of any for sale? There are a few ZX10-R groups on Facebook, worth looking there too.


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