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Yamaha 600 Taco Fault Code


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In doing the 600 engine conversion I'm getting the 8000 / 0 fault code.

I'm using FZR600R 4JH CDI loom and clocks although it's with a 3TJ fuel pump and level sender.

This is the fuel level sender fault code and as far as I know there a two ways around it .

1. Leave the bike on Reserve, the problem goes away but the fuel light is on and of course theres no reserve. 

2. Take a feed from the Neg coil feed to the rev counter. I read this was done on a race bike but again I'm not sure if this removes the reserve.

I've had a look about and also found the ThunderCat fuel relay has a different part number to the 3TJ / 4JH but I'm not sure if it's actually a different part.  

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