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Suzuki AY50


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Rescued from 10 years in a shed and after 3 weeks of lunchtime fettling it’s on the road with fresh consumables all round, brakes that now actually work, painted wheels and a new exhaust. Gets up to 45 on the clock pretty quickly. Sounds crisp too.

Settled on 62 main jet and 5.5g rollers. Not played around with belts and rollers before as never had or worked on scooters until now so good experience for my work. That and a cheap way to get a 2-stroke buzz and a short distance commuter were my excuses for this little project.





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Yes it’s 2000 / W reg. Cleaned up ok and prepping/painting the wheels and a good polish worked wonders.

Panels are all marked or cracked though but hey it’s had 6 teenage owners so standard stuff.

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My recently departed father had a fetish for 2 stroke scooters, he has 2 X8Rs in his shed, which I'll no doubt inherit. 

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70cc kit on its way, selection of main jets too.

Standard main jet is 60, best I found for just the spannie (which derestricted it) was 62. Increments are 0, 2, 5 and 8 for the sizes. I’m going to start with a 78 for the big bore kit with the spannie... anyone with experience of roughly comparable set up for jetting? Far too big?

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These guys are pretty helpful and they've posted a few good articles with suggestions on where to start given various states of tune / for various peds:



In my case (Vespa S50 with Malossi 70 sport kit; Dellorto PHVA 17.5mm) I ended up with a 68 jet and A22 needle when fitted with an expansion chamber type silencer and it ran pretty well. 

I went back to a 'conventional' type silencer (and heavier roller weights) to improve its general road manners on busy commutes - after a bit of trial and error settled on a 65 main and A7 needle on the lowest (richest) setting.  

If you junk the airbox and use a cone filter, you'll need to up-jet quite a bit (possibly over 100) but it's hard to set up nicely throughout the range (well, I never managed).

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70cc kit fitted today, fired up, all ok for a few mins until coolant everywhere. The head gasket supplied with the (cheap) big bore kit looked dodgy quality and indeed it was. Decent one on order.

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