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Deep Impact


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Afternoon all just a quick question.

Down in the garage and I was wondering whether its worth getting an impact driver and or wrench. I've looked before but unsure so whats best to get type, brand, pricing etc. so ...

Impact Driver or Impact Wrench?

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Occasional use I suppose, i've a number of things to do in garage which I think may be assisted with one. When you look online others seem to do jobs a lot easier with power tools.

Stuff like clutch nuts etc, but some use drivers and other wrenches.

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My lad bought me a halfords advanced one a few years ago,and its been invaluable,its a tool that you hope you never have to use,but youll be real glad you have one,not expensive and has been robust and reliable,to boot.Grab a tin of plus gas or similar and cheap gas blow torch at the same time and youve got the perfect seized nut/bolt undoing kit.

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