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Exhaust o ring


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Any hints or tips on how to fit one? 

Never fitted an exhaust o ring before,... When I put it on the exhaust it slides down the header and when I put it in the head it folds up. 


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As lesviffer 750 suggests, both exhaust port and pipe will need to be properly clean. Also smooth with any corrosion marks polished out.

KTM exhaust O rings sit in a groove, so are easier to fit, no rolling down the pipe. The KTM ones seal for longer with a THIN smear of high temperature silicone sealant, but they do have to cope with me repeatedly bashing the pipe around into the ground and trees, which hopefully, yours will not.

I would suggest only using silicone after you have mastered getting the pipe and o ring fitted correctly in a trial run.

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On 6/24/2020 at 6:38 PM, Alex_H said:


According to that the o ring should slide over a reduced section on the header, and assume slide into the cylinder. Your cylinder does look like its been in the sea for a few years which might make it more difficult though.

Looking at the parts list, original set up looks like a bit of cost cutting to me. 

All the O ring sealed exhausts I am familiar with on the dirt bikes sit in a grooved collar. 

If it was mine I would be turning up a couple of steel rings and welding them to the pipe to retain the O ring like on the dirt bikes.

I do have the luxury of a lathe and a mig set though.

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