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BMW F800R experts required


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So one of my Mrs staff has a BMW F800R.

He is not mechanically minded.

Just before lockdown he borrowed a battery charger and my jump start pack as his battery had given up the ghost.

FFWD to a week or so ago and it doesn’t start, showing EWS error.

He has had it recovered to a BMW specialist, who had offed him £3.5k for the bike, but now say £1k BMW main dealer ECU change.

 I am thinking ring antenna and a good battery. Possibly alarm battery too.


What say you?

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If I read it right, new ring antenna but you need to tape the original spare key somewhere on the bike.


What to check before replacing the Ring antenna?

  • Cycle the ignition again, and if the problem persists, then
  • Check the wiring and wiring connector to the Ring antenna for:
    • Any damage (possibly caused by chaffing etc. or rodent damage)
    • Over tightened cable ties that might have cut into the wiring or are preventing good contact at the connector (due to lack of slack in the wiring)
    • Poor connection at the connector to the ring antenna
  • Read the fault codes with GS-911. The ring antenna might not be the problem that is preventing your motor from starting

Might be worth taking it to a genuine bmw dealer for their opinion and ignore the salty prices on their repair quote.


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