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monster 2000-01 wiring harness


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When going through the wiring harness I bought off of ebay, I found this resister connecting the two leads for the starter solenoid. It's not on the manual that this would be fitted. The sidestand cutout switch has been removed and those leads soldered together -- is this part of some electrical trickery to allow the bike to idle on the sidestand?  I recall the article recently on the 996 of Chris' needing a mod similar to this to allow idling on the sidestand...



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Thanks Sev -- I'm using this harness on a custom 900ss -- so the solenoid I am using is from the 2002 ss ie.  The original harness had no resistor...   Should I retain it, or can it be removed?  I plan to use a different connector block, hence the question.

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3 hours ago, Lobo said:

From your fuzzy pic that looks more like a diode than a resistor........ the silver band at one end denotes the cathode terminal.

I was going to say this, but Lobo actually knows what he's talking about while I just talk a good game 

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