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Bandit 1200, which headers?


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Impart your knowledge folks... 

Which headers for a bandit 12 lump? I'm assuming I'm going to have to get custom link pipe etc as it's in a cb900 frame but full system recommendations gratefully accepted. 

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in theory any oil cooled 1100ish motor system will fit. However you need the matching sump and oil pick up. 

1100K/L have a deep v sump, the others have a shallower offset sump.

Gsxr1000 K1-K4 exhausts fit with some mild tweaking but the shape looks shit on naked bikes.

You may find you will have clearance issues on the front down tubes, extended spiggots on the head solve this. 

I like the Micron 4-2-1 gsxr1100 systems if you can find one, the work really well.  there's two types, race with sprung slip joints and a cheaper welded version.

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Cheers Dunc. I think I'll be pestering you with a lot of questions on this... 

Had worried about getting the right look as well as the usual power/fit /£ questions. May end up going for a Harrison or racefit but need to look at options 

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