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manky throttle body cleaning


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Hey all -- I have a set of ducati throttle bodies for my 900ss project -- bought them used as they were cheaper than a new TPS which was damaged on the other set of TBs.  Anyhoo, they are from a breaker, so while complete are dusty and in need of a clean.  I do not want to remove the tps if at all possible, as it needs quite a process to reset.  I have a ultrasonic cleaner, but its too small for them.  I am wondering if anyone can recommend a solution or chemical that the tbs can be soaked in for a pre-clean (i'd keep the TPS sensor above the "waterline".)  I realize there is an aerosol cleaner available, but was looking for something to soak them in first.

If not, I'll go at them with aerosol throttle body cleaner and a toothbrush.

And please, British friends, don't say "paraffin".  After reading about this mystery chemical in PB and other brit bike mags, I still haven't found it, or what it also could be called, in Canada.  People stare at me thinking I'm into making wax candles or something.  We've got varsol, acetone, turpentine, simple green, sea foam, paint thinner, etc... but no paraffin!


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If your ultrasonic is too small what you can do is cut a large plastic coke bottle that fits in the cleaner and use that. Put the bodies in and fill so the TPS is clear and clean away.


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I ended up buyting a 1l jug of kerosene and soaking the throttle bodies in it, with the TPS sitting above the waterline.  I then attacked it with throttle body cleaner, toothbrushes, and green scrubby pads.  Turned out OK.  Also removed the injectors and cleaned them up as well.

Should be good to go, although I really miss trying to read the numbers on a mainjet with 48 year old eyes...

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8 hours ago, gurninman said:

Kerosene is indeed paraffin

I thought kerosene was jet fuel? 🙂

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3 hours ago, Gobert said:

No wonder my central heating boiler roars..............

Maybe you used Esso fuel?




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