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Minimoto engines


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Asking for a mate who’s 6 yr old lad us now racing minimoto, the bike has a CS racing engine and after an off an an over rev it’s now knocking when running. He’s got top end off and there’s side to side play on conrod but feels smooth otherwise. Neither of us have stripped a bottom end but if it’s simple it is something we could do. He has someone to do it but he’s a competitors dad so it’s not always done as quick as needed.

Any advice appreciated to help us decide if we learn to look after the bike 


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Have a look yourself Tony. These engines are as simple as they come.

You seem switched and will do a better job than most.

Every man and his dog in the paddock says they can rebuild them. Most can't.

Most of this engines are poor from the factory. throw in several enthusiastic a clueless dads and they end up a mess.

Find some one with a good track record in building engines and take it there.

If he's with cool fab, there's probably 2 people in the paddock who can build engines and they aren't the ones shouting about it.  


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