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ZX7R....Koso RX2N wiring issue


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Hi All,

Currently installing a Koso dash on the Zx7r and one issue I have is the headlights. When switching on, only the r/h works on dip and full beam. The l/h one is on but very dim when on dip but goes off on full beam. Also the side light doesn't come on ?

Scratching my head a bit on this one, any help much appreciated 

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So, after being flooded with suggestions I'm no further forward. Not great with electrics and wishing I'd got an adult in to do the job.

Bought a new lithium battery so I knew I'd got good power, but that is now flat and on charge.

The only wire that connects to the Koso for lights is the high beam indicator which is working correctly, so have I got a separate issue unrelated to wiring in the clock ??

There's not many wires to swap around but am at a loss as to why the headlights aren't working correctly 

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