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Bulk buying fasteners


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Who to go to for workshop packs of stainless and bzp fasteners? M5/m6/m8/m10.

Ideally somewhere you can spec the bolts you actually want so you don't end up with 200 m3/m4 100mm long countersunk bolts... 

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I've built up a stock over the years buying them in bags off ebay. If i want 6 or something, i'll buy a bag of 20, all of a specific size, then pop the surplus in a tub, I've got fucking thousands of m6's, cap head, csk, loads of different lengths etc.

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I buy a wide variety of stainless and BZP fasteners a few thousand at a time and find that Orbital Fasteners are very good.

For the odd bag of 100 in a size I won't use a lot of, RS Components have a decent selection.

Both will deliver on a next day fro free.

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I use Westfield Fastners for stainless fastners and usually adopt the @lorenzo approach and buy a few more than i need of everything i order.

Westfield have a really good selection of fastners, deliver promptly and you can order one or a thousand of anything you wish @tootall.

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