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Pretending I'm 17 again..


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Afternoon chaps,

Since the lock down I have had a bit of time to drag out an Aprilia rs 125 i bought last year. 

It was new in 2000, had one owner who seized the engine in 2002 and left it in a damp garage until around a year ago so you can imagine how bad the condition was. 

I have rebuilt everything from forks, chassis and the engine down to master cylinders, brakes etc and added some nice little upgrades along the way. 

I managed to get hold of a fairly expensive 34mm dellorto flat side carb for a good price, got it all running nicely but noticed it was rich at tick over to the point leaning out the air screw and needle positions had no effect. I have gone to replace the pilot jet with a leaner one and the thing is rounded off inside... balls! 


Its 4mm wide with the calipers, what you guys reckon is it buggerd? 


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I'd be tempted by the above appropriate drill bit method and an easy out of some description, only brass so should be fairly easy. 

Regarding your richness though, I had W plated rs125 when I was a yoof and I remember the rubber airbox snorkel thing having 1 or 2 of its paths blocked off, I assume to get it to L plate power. Might be worth a look if you haven't already. 

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The jet is brass, so it is probably stuck due to corrosion.

Strip as much of the rest of the carb as you can the stick it in a ultrasonic tank.

Next heat cycle it repeatedly. 



Then try and get the bugger out.

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