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Side stand switch ... maybe


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So - start the engine with the side stand down, is ok.

Clutch in and into gear, is ok.

Side stand up, cuts out. 

But, with the side stand down in gear I can ride it. I disconnected the clutch switch bridged it, (it seems loose) it rides, take the bridge out and I can still ride it. 

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1 hour ago, Yamonda said:

Maybe wired wrong way round if poss

I think it's a on / off so it wouldnt matter but the block connector only fits one way

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BIL had an old GPZ500 that did something similar.

Check clutch switch & side stand switch - bridge both if required.

(try to remember they have been bridged when starting in the future - it was quite funny though)

(serves him right for being a cheap ass and not buying replacement switches though)


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