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Abba stand dimensions required


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Being in lockdown with no work, some bike fettling to do, a welder, and a quantity of steel box section thought I'd knock up an Abba superbike type stand.

Done some Google research and got design pretty much sorted (plagarised), but what would be handy is to know the length from the base of the upright to the centre of the pivot pin *(as in pic)

Also the approx angle from vertical of uprights when in use, would be of great help too!

If anyone has one and can provide such measurements it would be hugely appreciated and give me a head start!


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From the centre of the box to the centre of the pivot pin is 440mm pretty much on the botton. In a very much more rough guessing way, I've just had a look and I think it's sat at about 15 degrees or so.

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13 hours ago, Yamonda said:

Stand box section against your bike, find your pivot point, move bottom of box to the left 10" or so and move your pivot point up. It can sit at the angle you choose or make it adjustable.

I made one but lucky I have hollow swingarm bolt so I use a solid bar one side and a tapered bar (that's all I had) on the moving side.


10" is a fair bit further off than the Abba one and I guess as such it'd put the weight through the supporting leg more, rather than just the main box section part, which probably wouldn't be a good thing. The Abba one is only about 6 or 7" away from the bottom of the main section.

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I'll be adding triangulation to the supporting legs (unlike Abba) and also probably an extra bolt-on support as per Abba's front end lift kit as well.

No doubt hugely OTT but obv don't want bike crashing to the ground, plus its a welding project as much as anything else.

The plan (if successful) is to leave bike on it most of the time to gain a tiny bit more garage space and keep weight off suspension & tyres, as it's barely moved in the last 12 months!

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Well, just so you know, the Abba one, from middle of the box section to the middle of the support is 160mm or so.

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