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Stanchion Shortening


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So, I've been given the task of fettling 2Smoke's LC into shape (..not sure what shape yet..) which runs FZR400 forks. They've always been about 30mm too long, so I made some 20mm spacers to fit internally which helped, except of course losing 20mm of travel means they now bottom out a bit soon.

So ideally I'd like to have the stanchions shortened.. chop the top off, rethread the inside. Can anyone out there do this for me?

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Which FZR400 forks are they ??? 

3TJ are quite short, they're e 43mm dia, the calipers are 84mm bolt spacing.

There are earlier 38 and 41mm which are a bit longer they both use 100mm caliper bolt spacing.

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I got Suspensionsmith to shorten a set of WP forks for my Mito, he did a few things that managed to keep the full OEM travel while making them a ridiculous 680mm long... It sometimes goes beyond just chopping and rethreading to keep it all working

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