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Hayabusa Wiseco pistons in SV650


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I bought an SV650 supertwin race bike last year that was sold as a non-runner, basically the fuel tank liner had started to break up and blocked the carbs, another fuel tank and a good ultrasonic clean of the carbs and all was well.

However at a recent track day at Oulton the engine was smoking, using 200ml of oil per session so suspect piston rings.

Just started stripping the motor and it has Hayabusa Wiseco pistons fitted (identified by part number etched into crown), done a bit of research and it suggests I have to fit SV rings (not Hayabusa) due to the cylinder having a liner and not plated cylinder as Hayabusa. Anyone have experience of this?

The bike is an ex-Ben Tolliday bike and the engine appears a good spec with Carrillo rods etc but can't find any details engraved on the heads to confirm who built the motor.

Any help/support would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Loads of people run Hayabusa Pistons in oil cooled Suzukis, which have Iron liners. They always run the Hayabusa rings.  

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Ok thanks, I've just downloaded the Wiseco parts catalogue, it confirms part numbers for rings for both SV and Hayabusa are the same, it also states their rings are suitable for either plated or lined cylinders.

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