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R1 2000 Suspension setup


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Hi all,

I seem to remember that PB did a suspension setup guide you could download (couple of years back now mind!). I could do with this for my y2k R1 if anyone knows of where I could download. As a thought I'll also need for the 2002 (5PW?) model as my front forks are off of this.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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set front sag to 27mm

rear to 10mm

adjust rebound dampers so that both ends come back controlled with no bounce or over the top action nor too sluggishly, then set comp damping for personal feel..

tiewrap on fork leg, should leave you with 1cm of travel left after slamming the front brakes on hard


not being funny, but setup guides are shite,, mainly because the valves in every set of forks, especially oem ones work totally differently and non linear.. and if Johnny mac set it up.. it would be totally different to TT doing it.. seen as tho JM is in the structularly challenged group :eusa_think::thumbsup: (sorry bigman but YKWIM)

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Have now set my bike up according to the recommendations in the sheet, bike feels a lot better to me now which is good, thanks for the help guys!

glad to be of service. Though I cannot take any credit as I didn't post up the suspension guide, merely the link to it.

good to hear it's improved it for you

not being funny, but setup guides are shite

they may not always be exactly right, but they're a good starting point, and better than nothing

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