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Suzuki RG 500 "1985" ( Brand New, Never Started )


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:eusa_think: Hi There,

You are looking at a "Brand New" SUZUKI RG500, ( 0 KMS )

This bike is a 1985 model RG that l purchased new in the crate from a Suzuki Dealer,

l assembled the bike on 25 of August 1995.

It was the day after my first child was born,

Until then it had just been sitting in the crate tucked away in the corner of a room.

I thought that was as good as time as any to do it.

From then it has just sat in the house doing nothing.

This bike has never been started & has never even had fuel in the tank.

Pre Delivery was never done as l assembled it straight from the crate,

Included are the single seat cowl (pictured), Factory race stand & all the books inc workshop manual.

l do also have the pillion seat.


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Normally with these things I'd say "get the bastid started up and ridden" but for some reason, the fact that it looks so utterly pristine makes me think this should be in a museum! The plastics haven't aged at all! I know it's a shame it's never been ridden properly but I just kinda hope now after all these years that it never does*!

*this does go against all my usual beliefs...must be a Friday! :eusa_think:

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Let's hope it's mounted somewhere good like a bedroom ceiling....gives me wood just thinking of past gamma memories.....18mpg....145mph.....ohhh dammit, uurgh! Lucky fucker! :tacheemoticonwh7::blink:

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