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aprilia rs250

kev a

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If its the early shape pre 99(i think) ,then theres not much u can do with the standard forks,even after White Power had a go at mine the adjustments made little difference,sounds like you have the centre worn from the front tyre or wrong size giving an incorrect profile.Early bikes are mega stable at the front,so much so that they reduced the fork angle on later bikes,Check also that ur forks havent been dropped thruogh the yokes,and that theres not masses of preload on the back

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How heavy are you?

What tyres are you running?

What tyre pressures are you running?

What speed is the bike generally ridden at? Slow, medium, fast, club-racer, GP?

What sort of riding style do you have? Do you like to work the front end hard or are you more prone to letting it come around and using the rear?

Help us out mang.

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'ellooooooooo? :icon_blackeye:

I've got a note of the OE / 'base' settings for both the pre '98 and post '98 models (different fork designs), as well as a few notes on the 'Cup' bike settings (they had different fork internals again).

Which model have you got?

Note: The ol' PB set-up guide, from a few years back, also has some very useful baseline figures for set-up.

Any set-up is only any good though if the forks (and other suspension components) are in good fettle (e.g. fork oil condition, etc).


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