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Stop squeaking!


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Help i've tried very little and i'm all out of ideas!

So its a new Ninja 250, 6 weeks / 1100mi old.

There's a sqeak in the back somewhere.

Its not replicable, ie I can't DO something to make it happen. It just happens, starts soon after starting to ride, at low speed and presumably at high speed too but i can't hear it.

Breaking front or back doesn't get rid of it.

Different gearing doesn't affect it.

Leaning over doesn't affect it.

Bouncing up and down doesn't affect it.

It doesn't "feel" bad.

The bearings in the back aren't overly warm to touch, anymore than the front ones. (this is a rudimentary method of checking a cars bearings)

It isn't present if the bike is on a paddock stand and the back wheel engaged and spinning.

The only clue: it happened soon after i loosened the rear axle bolt to tighten the chain and had to tighten it up after without the torque wrench, so i did over-tighten it a bit. I've since adjusted the chain a small amount and torqued it correctly.

Also i've put spray grease in the rear wheel bearings and in the front sprocket gearing (as best i can)

So...... fatal or just annoying?

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I had such a annoying squeek on my thundercat. I got the squeek after I installed a fzr 1000 swingarm. It came either frome the linkage, swingarm or wheel bearings. I only heard it when for example I put the bike on its side stand and started tugging on the bars/ when pushing laterally on the bike. It didn't squeek during normal, vertical suspension movement.

Anyway, before I installed the swingarm I checked and replaced any faulty bearings, so I was at a loss.

My mechanic loosened the swingarm pivot nut by 10nm, and the squeek was gone. Swingarm fitting must have been too tight because of powdercoating the frame (I had torqued the nut accoriding to the haynes manual).

I also know that a lot of jap bikes aren't or weren't put together that nice. My mechanic told me of a lot of jap bikes he worked on which wheels were not in alignment, even though they never had been crashed.

Hope this helps...

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You're sure you have the chain tensioned correctly and lubed adequately(roundabout 20/30mm slack with you sitting on bike).I've had some bikes where the spring rubs against the shocks body that made an annoying creaking noise at certain points.Otherwise it could be lots-a good dealer will just come and look at it for peace of mind i would imagine if you ask them??

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