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Help (pls) Gear linkage adjustment on Ducati 916


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I've got a very early 916 Strada, which has recently had an overhaul.

Now, it's been (more than) a few years since I last rode a 916 (then a Biposto), so I might just have become used to all things 'Japanese' since then.

My 'issue' is that I'm struggling to find neutral. I've tried rockin' the bike a little, while at the lights, hoping that it might make it easier, but seems to be either 1st or 2nd (even the gentlest of touchest doesn't find a neutral).

When I do stop, I sometimes have to go to the extremes of keeping the clutch held with my right hand (whilst leaning down) and searching for neutral by hand (just in case I'm a little heavy footed?), but even that's not an immediate success.

I'm hoping that it's perhaps just a badly adjusted gear selector (engaging 1st is a little on the 'heavy' side to begin with), but once moving things are fine.


No clutch slip (new STM slipper clutch fitted).

No 'jumping' gears or selection issues once engaged and running.

No 'whining' or strange noises from the gearbox (that I can pick out anyways).

Something that can be sorted, reduced/improved or just <cough> Italian 'character'??

G :eusa_whistle:

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Cough, cough...hem, hem...clears throat

'They all do that, sir'

Older Ducati's, Aprillia's etc - all of them struggle to find neutral whilst stationary, due to the way the shifter drum is profiled and when the input shaft is spinning and the output shaft is stationary. Trick is to snick it in to neutral as you are rolling to a stop...

Mille(x2) I was rather hoping that you'd have a good honest answer... Cheers ;)

It's been near' 10 years since I had a Biposto; so I thought it better to ask, rather than start stripping things apart, searching for adjustments or answers that aren't there.

You've saved me a lot of time and hassle. :) I suppose this all gets filed under 'character', right?

Another quick question... If I do get stuck at the lights, in gear, and with the clutch hauled in; will I be doing any 'serious' damage? Given that I've just had to put a completely new clutch in, and like to avoid any 'avoidable' wear or damage (at least until the bank are talking to me again).


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My NC30 also does this, if you give it a quick blip to 3k then as the revs fall it will slip into neutral, otherwise theres no chance of getting it.

Maybe this would work on yours.

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Cheers folks :eusa_dance:

I can sleep a little sounder, in the knowledge that I can 'live' with the 'features' of the Duc'

NB. I never had issues with my ol' NC30 <shrug>

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