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fairing repairs


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anybody know of any good fairing repairers/ plastic welders in northwest

give WARPSPEED a bell very helpfull there in elemsmere port

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Why not do it yourself with Plastex, it's better than plastic welding because it doesn't melt the panel of blister the paint

choose your crack


cut away on one side about half way through and 45 degrees


Score cut perpendicular to the the crack


Mask the painted side and rub the tape on with your fingernail


get the sprit in the dropping bottle and an amount of powder in the cup ready and at hand


drop some spirit on the crack first - now invert and squeeze the bottle to get a drip on the end, stick that in the powder, then get it more or less where you need it. Squeeze again to drop it.


when the crack is full it will be a bit rough,drop a little more spirit on and smooth it with the nozzel.


finished ... wait a little while before you take the tape off, and it should be totally set in 24 hours.


You can plastex the front and sand or just use a knifing (fine grade) filler if your going to paint it. Just leave it if your not going to paint

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