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My new (but older) racebike


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Well, as this is now gone;


though when I sold it, it looked more like this (but with black wheels still);


it's been replaced with this;


which now looks like this;



but now it does have a screen and I'm well aware the match to the tank colour is poor, the colour scheme was decided as the tank is yellow :)

Here's how they're supposed to look.

Stands me at about £1200, you've got to love cheap race bikes :rolleyes:

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looks a helluva lot better now. like the hb colours. any work going into the motor or has there been any? will you be at cadwell in may? do you still have your old fairing? and are you floggin it? look forward to seeing your bike in the flesh if your at cadders.

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a new 91(?) seat will perfect an already spectacularly trick f250 racer. i think i prefer it to the 28 you had although that was also beautiful. the close resmbelence to the rs250 of similar vintage give me the horn re the new(older) bike. hopefully see you at cadwell may fontyy san. what work if yor getting any will the motor have done? asny ideas on hp currently?

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Why the change?

Just good business I think, when I've got the wets sorted and the other mc28 bit's moved on I'll be over £3500 to the good. A couple of friends and I have said before that racing an mc28 is a very expensive way to race and not the best way either. I was chatting to Andy (NSR-World admin) on messenger saying I could do with finding a nice mc18 and flog the '28 when this was posted on the NSR forum.

So I popped up to see it and when he rolled the garage door up it was just sat there, looking for all the world like an RS, so the deal was done.

The mc18 is so like an RS;


works Honda NSR250 racebike, circa 1988

ignore the bodywork as it's got 2003 RSW stuff shoe horned on, but this my buddies Honda RS250 from 1992;


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