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Suzuki GSXR Compatible Wheels


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Hi guys,

What wheels fit straight into a K3 600? I know that K1/2 1000 fronts will go in. What about Hayabusa fronts? SV front/rears? Bandits?

Just looking for options as I want to get a spare set for the trackbike.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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600 srad wheels will fit although they are a bit older/ heavier. busa front wheel will fit. sv1000 wheels will fit. dont think bandit wheels fit.

be careful when buying wheels with discs as you need 320mm discs for k3 and sv for example has 310mm discs.rear disc are all the same but remember some rear wheels (busa ,gsxrthou) take a 190 tyre while you need 180 tyre.

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01 - 05 600/750 wheels (Fr & Rear)

01 - 04 1K wheels (although rear is 6ins , not 5.5ins lik ethe 600 but it will fit will a different spacer on the disc side)

All SV1000 wheels

These are the same wheels

06 and on 600/750

05 and on 1K

These will fit with different spacers, but your exisiting discs won't fit, and they are a different design of 3 spoke so you will have odd wheels if you mix n match

Same Front wheel as yours on eBay here

SRAD wheels will fit (but I believe the disc centres are different by 2mm and hence won't line up with the calipers)

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